European Youth Culture Award


Support European Youth Culture Award!

The European Youth Culture Award is made possible by the board of foundation and the managing board of “Respekt! Die Stiftung”, the jury of the award and volunteer work. You can support us in our efforts to promote the visibility of the award and enable access to attractive prizes for the winners and thereby show your appreciation for youth cultural projects. As a partner of the European Youth Culture Award you will get the opportunity to actively support youth culture and present your name/brand in this environment.

You can support us by following means:

Support the Award by a donation in kind!

By a donation in kind you can become a supporter of the European Youth Culture Award. You have many possibilities to contribute: you can either donate a service like the printjobs needed for flyers etc. or you can donate by offering accomodations for the nominees or by producing the trophies. You will be mentioned in all of the material of the award as a supporter and will be able to promote your service in an authentic youth environment.

Needless to say, you will get a donation receipt for all of your monetary or service donations.

Do you want to support us but don’t know how?
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Become a partner of the Award by donating money!

By means of a monetary donation you can support the European Youth Culture Award and become a partner. By donating money you will enable us to produce the material we need for the award like flyers, the website, trophies etc. and will crucially contribute to realize the European Youth Culture Award.

By donating at least 500 Euros you will appear with your brand’s logo on all of the award’s material and will be able to show your dedication to youth and youth cultures.

You can always support the European Youth Culture Award with a donation of any amount on our  donations account by referencing “European Youth Culture Award“.

Become a sponsor for a category!

Donate the pize money for one of the three categories and become an exclusive sponsor of this category. The prize will then be awarded by “Respekt! Die Stiftung” in cooperation with you. You will get a high amount of exposure and will be able to show that youth and youth culture are near and dear to your heart. Your brand’s logo will be displayed on all of the material of the European Youth Culture Award and your name will always be mentioned in association with the category that you are sponsoring.

You can become a sponsor for a category by donating at least 5.000 Euros.
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