European Youth Culture Award

The Jury

Prof. Dr. Susanne Binas-Preisendörfer, professor of music and media at the university of Oldenburg with the focus on theory and history of mediatized forms of music and music practices, globalization, transculturality, creative industries, youth cultures and popular music. 2013 – 2016 president of the german-speaking branch of the IASPM –International Association for the Study of Popular Music, since 2016 she is a member of the managing committee of the Archiv der Jugendkulturen e. V.

Dimitri Hegemann, cultural manager in the underground. He is best known for founding the technoclub Tresor, the art galery Fishbüro and organizing the Atonal Festival for nonconformist music.  Furthermore he is a city developer with the knack for the unconventional. (stations: Happy Locals, Detroit)


Shermin Langhoff has been director of the Maxim Gorki Theatre since 2013, before that she was artistic director of the Ballhaus Naunynstraße and contributed significantly to establishing the concept of post-migrant theatre.



Tobias Rapp, before writing for Der Spiegel, has been music editor for the newspaper taz and a DJ.   war vor seinem Wechsel zum Spiegel Musikredakteur der taz und DJ. He had his breakthrough with his book „Lost and Sound. Berlin, Techno and the Easyjetset“ about the excessive culture of the german capital and it’s protagonists: dancers and DJs, music producers and city planners.

Dr. phil. Reyhan ?ahin (alias Lady Bitch Ray), linguist and rapper. With her usage of radical feminist content and concept art Lady Bitch Ray holds a unique position in german rap. As an artist she stands for sexual self-determination and against patriarchal structures. As a scientist Reyhan ?ahin is concerned with language, semiotics, islam, youth and gender studies. At the moment she works as a post-doc researcher at the University of Hamburg.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Toprak, professor of educational studies at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Art since 2007. Before that he worked in different fields of social work, especially with young people from a migration background.